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Niki's Nest

Won't Fly the Coop!

 Supplying High Quality Eggs and Coop Care
in the Fairbanks and North Pole Areas.


  • Six eggs per lot.

  • Mixed variety of colors (white, black, blue, partridge, splash, buff are possible depending on which hens are laying at the time of your order).

  • Bearded and non-bearded.

  • Great feathering.

  • Healthy stock.

  • Large crests / tufts.

  • Full muffs.

  • Big, fluffy cushions.

  • Parents conform to APA standards.

  • Great as calm, gentle pets or as Silkie layers of 2-3 eggs per week.

​**As with all hatching eggs, we can NOT guarantee your hatch rate.  There is no refund or replacement if your eggs do not hatch, as hatching eggs are a risk.  Due to our physical location, we offer mailing of hatching eggs from April - September only.  We offer delivery for local (Fairbanks, AK area) orders.  



Fresh, Clean, Peewee, Grade A or AA, Silkie eggs available.  These eggs are great tasting and laid daily by the hard-working Silkie hens.  

We can only offer edible eggs for local (Fairbanks, AK area) orders and delivery only.


Coop Sitting Services

Do you find it stressful and challenging to find someone to watch your chickens and coop whenever you want to go out of town?  Niki's Nest now offers coop sitting services to the Fairbanks and North Pole areas.  Niki practices strict biohazard safety and is a dedicated chicken caretaker. 


Rates and availability vary depending on size of flock and coop, as well as the address and time of year.  Contact us for further details please.

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