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Meet The Chickens!

Here At Silkie Co we have many chickens, each one special and unique.  We care for these chickens regardless of gender or imperfections and in the sub zero winters and the scorching summers of our beautiful home, Fairbanks, Alaska.  On this page you can meet our chickens.


Peterbilt is a partridge color Silkie and is the head of the coop.  He leads the other chickens, and gets first pick of hens, and enjoys eating others food.  When anything happens, he is the first to run away.   He is quite fast despite having one crooked toe.  When he was born this way we tried to fix the toe, but Peterbilt would aways remove his splint.  


Maybee is a small white Silkie.  He was respected but now that Baybe is gone he is picked on a lot, mostly by Set.  He stays away from Peterbilt and enjoys helping Baybe and eating chickweed.  He enjoys his time on the girl's side of the coop most of all. 


Set is a black Silkie with an attitude. He loves being alone and silent.  He stays away from most roosters and is surprisingly fast.  He is the brother to Maybee and Babye.  


Naked Neck is the mother of the group.  She loves sitting on anything that resembles an egg, including pingpong balls, wooden eggs, rocks, and any eggs belonging to other hens.  She also enjoys sleeping and hoping that she is actually sitting on a real egg. 

IMG_9376 (1).JPG

Einstein is a blue Silkie.  She is really fluffy with a giant headdress.  She loves chickweed and showing off.  She is the only chicken we have that feels it is necessary to give you a little bite just to let you know she is there.


Maron is the other non Silkie chicken.  She enjoys boys and running around.  She is probably the fastest in the coop, and always tries to get with the boys.  She also loves taking treats that Neville can't reach


Big Mama is one of our two non Silkie chickens.  We don't know what she is, but we do know that she is lovely!  She protects all the females in the coop and enjoys pushing the males around.  No one dares fight her, and for a good reason.  She enjoys chickweed, strawberries, raspberries, and going outside.

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